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Preserve your treasured LP's or Cassette's by converting to CD

We can convert your vinyl record or Audio cassettes to CD so you can preserve your memories in Digital CD format and store the original away. You may have a favourite record that has never been released on CD yet or no longer available. Just post us the original and we will happily convert to CD.

Each CD is chaptered so you can skip forward to your favourite track just like you would if you purchased the CD from the High Street or Amazon. The CD can also be ripped to your PC/MAC. All Cd’s will be returned in a sleeve with the original media.

Please note we will skip any badly damaged tracks.
The advertised cost is per LP or Cassette, for double albums or multiple items see the price below.
1-2£9.99 each
3-5£9.49 each
6 or more£8.99 each

Prices include return postage and packing.
Payment in advance by Paypal only.
Your order will be returned, complete within 10 days.
To order select the Buy Now option and place your purchase. During checkout please confirm the media you will be sending.
Then send your records and or cassettes to
Kev Martin
58 George Street